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Why Dassenberg Rescue

Dassenberg Rescue may be a small rescue centre, but we punch way beyond our weight in terms of impact. In short, we are a small rescue centre with a big heart. Like many, our centre is full to capacity and we have to work harder and harder to find good homes for our dogs and horses.

But we still continue to make a difference in our communities by reaching out to animals that are suffering due to extreme poverty. We also believe that animals can work miracles. Our Outreach Project seeks to help ‘at-risk’ kids by giving them important life skills and also offering them a safe place where they can de-stress and experience some healing.

Please support our upcoming Vintage Sale so that we can continue to do good.

Adoption Day

The pressure on our centre is enormous and we are working hard to find good homes for our animals so that we can make space for other dogs and horses in need.

On 1 October we held our first Adoption Day at Constantia Village.  Our team worked incredibly hard to prepare the dogs so that they would be adoption ready.  One activity was to take groups of dogs for walks on the beach. Trips in the car ensures they won’t find the journey stressful. Free walking on the beach tests obedience. Ball throwing ensures good recall. We believe they score full marks.

Our efforts are paying dividends and over the past few months we have found good homes for 7 happy dogs.

Appeal for Clothing

Our vintage sales are growing in popularity as word gets out about the incredible quality of clothes we have on offer.  We use our international connections to bring in desirable items, some of which are new!  Our philosophy of giving and sharing extends to those that choose to support our sales and therefore our prices are very attractive too.

Vintage Sale
Thursday 27 October: 10am to 5pm
Friday 28 October:10am to 8pm
Venue: The Range in Tokai, off Orpen Road

How you can help!

Support the sale.
Help spread the word about the sale.
Donate quality clothing for the sale.

If you would like to donate please contact Sonja on 072 057 7717 or email