Dassenberg Rescue Newsletter July 2023

Giving Care

Much of the work we do as a rescue centre is about care.  Our years of working with animals has lead us to believe in animals as so much more than just sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions, we witness the complexity of each being and their individual responses to their circumstances and environments.

Managing each animals’ response to their environment

We have handled animals that have arrived at our centre in all manner of conditions, sometimes its difficult to comprehend that so many animals suffer out there.  There is no doubt that they are better off for being in care so to speak.
Some dogs however find the transition to living in the relative confines of a Centre difficult to adjust to.

There is a lot of information out there about kennel stress, it’s causes and how to manage it.  That doesn’t make it any less difficult for us to witness when we see a dog slide into a state of stress and despair.

As rescue centres go we’re pretty lucky.  Both because of our proximity to places like Melkbosstrand beach and also for having a strong core of committed volunteers who take our dogs out weekly so they can let off steam.
These are the some of the measures we have in place:- large kennels, daily walks, time in the park and weekly outings.  Where necessary an animal communicator is call on.  But in spite of our best efforts some of our dogs experience kennel stress
There are a number of ways that you can help.  One is to join our volunteers between 8.30 and 11 on Saturday mornings for dog walking.  The other is to help us get our dogs out and adopted as quickly as possible, before the problems set in.  If you’d like to reach out to us please email info@dassenbergrescue.org or call on 072 057 7717.
Likewise, our rescue horses are also very fortunate.  Our centre is located on a huge tract land and our approach is to allow the horses to roam freely as a herd as this is where we believe they will experience healing from past trauma they need.  That being said, once they have settle down, the real work begins with rehabilitation and reparation for adoption.
We’re so pleased to announce a new member of the Dassenberg family! Justine joined a couple months ago and we’re pleased she’s settled in so well. Her day to day involves checking up on the horses. Making sure they’re healthy and happy on the right supplements. Training horses.  Managing our horse volunteers. And giving the horses the love they deserve.
Dassenberg Rescue has a vibrant and fun team of regular volunteers who help care for our horses and prepare them for adoption.  If you’d like to hang out with like-minded people and enjoy being around horses please fill out our volunteer form on our website.

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Our Partners

We would not have made it through this period with out the on-going support of our sponsors.  Thank you RCL Foods, The Do More Foundation and The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust for joining our mission ‘With Heart And Soul For Children And Animals’.

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