From desperate
to beautiful.


Animal Rescue

Our overriding philosophy when working with our rescue dogs and horses is to work with the animals’ natural instincts. This is often referred to as Natural Horsemanship. While we don’t apply a fixed methodology to techniques we use, but rather let the rescue animal show us what is going to be most beneficial for them. Our horses aren’t kept in restrictive stables but are left to roam as a herd, just as they would in the wild. Likewise, many of our dogs live in packs. We have found that this philosophy is most effective when attempting to restore the broken souls of wounded and frightened dogs and horses. Our volunteers work with positive reinforcement, pressure, and release, but mostly just lots of love and cuddles.


Community outreach

The establishment of our animal rescue centre opened doors to the people of the community. We quickly realised the incredible healing power animals had among human lives, and we also saw – and ventured to meet – people’s more practical needs of employment and food. We are currently focused on three areas of outreach:


It’s one of life’s simple miracles – the power of animals to help heal the souls of people traumatised by social problems like gangsterism and violence. As therapy animals, our dogs and horses play an important role in teaching empathy to at-risk children and youth – as well as their parents, who are often broken themselves.

We have been actively working together with other organisations since 2020, creating and managing programmes for children and adolescents. Our programmes include activities with our therapists and animals, and workshops for traumatised youth who have suffered under violence and crime. One of our objectives to is run summer camps so that we can work with targeted groups of adolescents that are most in need.


Our staff and helping hands are recruited from our local community, thus creating a beautifully mutualistic exchange of needs. Life in general becomes more valued as much-needed employment is provided in a job market with few opportunities.


We believe that practical and psycho-social needs go hand in hand – both are important and urgently need to be met. Since Covid-19 began, we’ve set up a task force that distributes food to destitute people. The pandemic specifically highlighted the need for us to reach out in wider ways.