Dassenberg Rescue Centre | Newsletter February 2023

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Salute to our supporters

We would like to dedicate this newsletter to some of the amazing people that help to keep our organization going.

As an under resourced rescue centre we are very reliant on the good will of people who show up and help.

It would be difficult to mention them all but these are just some examples of the incredible people Dassenberg Rescue is lucky to have on board.

On-going Support

Our Partners

We would not have made it through this period with out the on-going support of our sponsors.  Thank you RCL Foods, The Do More Foundation and The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust for joining our mission ‘With Heart And Soul For Children And Animals’.

Youngest Volunteer

Lethu is our youngest volunteer.  This remarkable young man started volunteering at Dassenberg Rescue at just 5 years old.  Seven years on he is a great member of our team because he is so passionate about our rescue dogs.  Here he is photographed at the Adoption Day we held at Constantia Village.

Valued Team Member

Isobel is a highly valued member of the Dassenberg Rescue team.  Her commitment and dedication to our rescue dogs in commendable.  Isobel ensures our dogs are walked daily.  She also puts hours of work into each new arrival, getting them adoption ready and making sure they have basic obedience training.  It’s an absolute delight for her when one of our dogs shows some talent and ability in agility training.

Family Values

We love that Lucy likes to spent quality time with her two sons on Saturday mornings at Dassenberg Rescue.  The dogs absolutely love having kids around to romp with.  And we love Lucy’s bright smile and positive attitude.

From The Ground Up

Keeping our horses in good working condition is important to us, horses that are well maintained and healthy stand a far greater chance of adoption.  We are ever so grateful to Markus for his commitment to doing regular groundwork with individual members of our herd of 22 horses.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Thanks to Covid we all know what it feels like to be couped up for weeks and weeks on end.  Veronique has great empathy for our rescue dogs, many of whom have been in care for most of their lives.  She believes in giving them a break from the centre and invites dogs to her home each week for a breath of fresh air.

Champion For The Cause

Susy has been volunteering at Dassenberg Rescue for almost 20 years.  She is an absolute champion for our organization.  Our organization recently joined The Cape Animal Welfare Forum and it was Susy who represented us and made sure we met all their requirements.  Susy is also in charge of adoptions.

Sustainability Heroes

These days sustainability is where it’s at for most non-profits.  We are hugely indebted to Lauren, Silvie and Sonja for all they do to organize and run our Vintage Sales.  Our organization depends on the funds raised to continue the work we do.  Sonja for managing the logistic of collecting clothes and for the many hours on her feet at the sales.  Silvie for helping our shoppers find the perfect outfit.  And Lauren for managing the till, which she does with absolute precision.

Body Stress Release For Horses

Our horses love it when Ruth Townsend visits the farm.  Ruth is a Body Stress Release practitioner.  The horses respond well to this treatment and get to feel especially pampered too.

Take The Lead

We invest a lot in each animal that arrives at our rescue centre and do whatever we can to prepare them for adoption.  Dog trainer, Denae of Take The Lead has been helping us.  We like to think that a Dassenberg dog is something special and the input they get from Denae makes all the difference.

Connecting Through Animals

Working with vulnerable youths takes a very special type of person.  We are lucky to have that in Fanny, who believes in the healing power of our horses and assists us in our outreach programme.

Malmesbury Animal Hospital

We are ever so grateful to the team at the Malmesbury Animal Hospital.  Having so many animals in our care means that we are frequent visitors.  They are always very willing to help and treat our rescues. When we arrive on their doorstep with dogs in desperate condition we are met with a kindness and a willingness to help.

Visitor from Germany

This February Isabel visited Dassenberg Rescue from Germany for the fourth time.  Isabel offers up her holiday time to work with our rescue horses.  Our horses really benefit from the dedicated time she invests in each of them and thanks to Isabel’s hard work we are happy to say that many of our horses are now adoption ready.

Thank you

As much as we’d like to recognize each and every one of you by name, it’s just not possible to include all the amazing, kind and wonderful people that help to keep us going.  To the horse squad for showing up each Saturday morning and for the incredible knowledge and generosity you bring.  To the dog volunteers for responding to the needs of our dogs for walkies, love and attention.

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