With Gratitude

Dec 2022 HOUNDS & HOOVES DEC ’22

With Love And Gratitude

Dassenberg Rescue lives with heart and soul for children and Animals.

As this year heads towards a close we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters.

As a nation we had to face and still are facing many challenges that have had a great impact on our lives.  Thank you for standing on our side through this difficult time.

Expressive Transformation

The present is a gift to be cherished and we believe it is important to look around at our many blessings and be thankful!

With you on our side , we were able to do what we do best :

Expressive transformation in the lives of children and animals.

Reaching Vulnerable Youths

We realised that we can only make an impact when we start where the help is most needed : in the Townships!

We opened our doors to vulnerable youth who have experienced poverty and hardship in their short lives.

Our Rescue horses and Dogs play a vital role in this process and are the stars of our outreach program.They should be viewed as therapists, as they actively assist in our therapeutic workshops and help to break circle of violence, gangsterism and trauma.

Community Outreach

In spite of the fact resources are limited and our facilities are full to capacity, the culture that Dassenberg Rescue was founded on prevails.  Leading with our hearts we respond to animals in desperate need in our communities.

Here is an example of the impact we are making, even from afar!

Small Actions Leading To Big Impacts

We know its tough out there, but some of our animals really struggle in the heat, it would make the world of difference to them if they could have a splash pool this summer.

Please help us spoil out rescue dogs this Christmas with a splash pool to the value of R280.

Please Donate
As you can see we do the best we can to keep our rescue horses in good condition.  Please help us keep up their care by sponsoring a basic kit of fly spray, tick treatment and de-worming medicine to the value of R300 per horse.
Please Donate

Change a life today

Adopt a Dog
Adopt a Horse

Thank you

We would not have made it through this period with out the on-going support of our sponsors.  Thank you RCL Foods, The Do More Foundation and The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust for joining our mission ‘With Heart And Soul For Children And Animals’.

Our Partners