The story of our donkeys

March 2021 Hounds & Hooves

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Dassenberg Rescue Centre started out as a horse rescue centre, but the plight of dogs in our area was such that we had to respond.  Similarly, we have now rescued some donkeys in response to the plight of a group of Donkey that was in desperate need of a home.

The Best Kind Of People, Animal People

Volunteer, Grenville Liepner, is the best kind of person, he’s an animal person.

When he heard what was becoming of Cart Donkeys in the Calitzdorp area, he began buying up ‘at risk’ Donkeys.  What started with just a couple of donkeys soon swelled into a herd of 14.  “2020 was a shocking year for me, my farm was on the market and I needed to find homes for all the donkeys I’d rescued over the years!’

Grenville managed to find homes for 9 of his Donkeys and decided to approach Dassenberg Rescue Centre for help.  He put in extensive fencing and enclosures to keep them safe (and separate from our horses).  The 5 Donkey’s made the epic journey to our Centre in January and have settled in nicely.  ‘They’re definitely very popular with the volunteers, who love to visit them and check on how they are doing’!

Covid allowing, we have many exciting plans to reach out to ‘At-Risk Kids’ in our Communities.  The Donkeys are great as they will be very popular with the kids and also provide another form of Animal Interaction which we can offer them.

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Grenville is a long-standing volunteer at Dassenberg Rescue Centre and we’d like to say a big thank you to him for his devotion to our Rescue Animals.

Successful Adoptions

Given the growing pressures on Rescue Centres throughout South Africa, our team has been working hard to find homes for as many of our Rescues as possible.  We are pleased to say that this year so far we have had xxx successful adoptions!

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