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Jan 2021 Hounds & Hooves

Celebrating The Successes of 2020


2020 is going to go down on record for most as the toughest year ever.

And yet, when we reflect on the year that was we still find so much to feel good about.

This newsletter will focus on the things in 2020 that made us smile!

New Sponsors

The monthly pledge of 240kg’s of Bobtail dog food per month from The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust, RCL Foods and The Do More Foundation gave us plenty of reasons to smile.

In fact, we’ve been so pleased with this incredible support that we decided to spread the joy around a little and have undertaken to support a local NGO that works with children and their dogs in Atlantis.  We now contribute 80kg’s per month which is given to the children to take home.  This ensures their dogs are getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy.

New Volunteers

Following lockdown we were very short on manpower and decided to do a drive to see if we could get some volunteers in to help us, especially on the horse side.  We have been so happy with the team of new recruits that have taken quite a bit of weight off our shoulders.  They were so up for the training and have been a huge help with the rehabilitation work that is needed for our horses.  As a result of this many more of our horses are now ready for adoption and this is definitely a good reason to smile.  Thanks for all the hard work!

Successful Auction

In September Everard Read and Associated Artists hosted a very successful on-line Auction to raise money for our Rescue Dogs and Horses.  We are so grateful to the Gallery for helping us in this way, it made a big difference to our year!

Vintage Sale

We teamed up with three other NGO’s to host a Vintage Sale.  We were so lucky to get permission from Springfield Convent School to use their music school.  Our Vintage Sales are on hold at the moment due to Covid-19, but we are looking forward to hosting another once its safe enough as we have a fresh supply of beautiful clothes in from Europe!

Sterilization Drive

We joined forces with a group of NGO’s in the Witsands area to help fund a much needed Sterilization Drive.  An impressive 30 animals were sterilized.  This is such important work and we are happy to support initiatives like these.  Without them dog populations are doomed to swell and our Rescue Centre is likely to be overrun.

Isn’t this beautiful footage of a volunteer comforting a dog ahead of their op?

Successful Adoptions

But by far the achievement we are most proud of is our adoption rate.  We’ve set new records for our Rescue Centre. 3 Horses and 23 Dogs were successfully homed.  We had 2 litters of puppies and were pleased that their Mom’s got homes as well. Thanks to everyone who offered our animals good homes.

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