The devastating impact of Covid

Nov 2020 Hounds & Hooves

Impact of Covid is heartbreaking


Covid is causing havoc for animals. So many people are losing their jobs and homes and having to give up their four-leg fur companions. The pressure on Rescue Centres across the country is enormous and like us, many are full to capacity.  The situation is absolutely heartbreaking, not just for the people affected but to our staff when they have to turn animals away.

We are so lucky to get monthly support from The Gabrielle Faickney ChairtableTrust and RCL Foods through The Do More Foundation.  Since our kennels are full we can no longer take on dogs that are in desperate need and try to distribute food among our communities.  We need dog food donations for feeding destitute peoples’ dogs, please.

Please contact me on 074 102 2121 if you can assist in any way.

Our Dogs

Managing the demand for our kennels is a constant challenge. A number of our dogs have been surrendered by families that have found themselves in difficult situations.  Some of our dogs we rescued from other centres when they were to be euthanized. Once a dog reaches a certain age, it becomes very difficult to find someone willing to give them a home. In many instances, these animals have health conditions and its almost impossible to find someone willing to take on the extra burden.  At Dassenberg Rescue Centre we are pro-life and try to offer all dogs a second chance.  Unfortunately, our kennels can no longer cope with the demand for more dogs and we are so sad when we have to turn these desperate souls away.  Please click on the photo above to read one story of 3 dogs that came to us.
Grenville Liepner
Manager – Dog Squad
Our dogs enjoy the attention Isobel gives them to try and improve their chances of one day finding a home.

Our Horses

We have been making a concerted effort to find homes for some of our horses, unfortunately, no sooner have we found a home for one, then another is in need rescuing.

We have been very lucky to have a great new team of volunteers join us since lockdown.  We are working hard to rehabilitate those in need and to try to train up those that show promise as riding horses.  We find that horses that are well-trained stand a far greater chance of finding a new home.

An appeal from Hugo ‘With temperatures rising we face our annual fly and tick challenges. Donations towards deworming for our horse friends would be greatly appreciated. Volunteers for tick medication administration, please watch Whatsapp notices regarding tick treatment events.’

Hugo Tickner
Manager – Horse Squad

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Frank’s love of his work with the Dassenberg Rescue animals shines through.

Change a life today


Our Partners

Success Story

Dassenberg Rescue Centre is committed to reaching out to our communities.
We were very pleased to be invited to participate at an end of term feeding scheme at one of our local schools.

Covid-19 has put a pause on some of the projects we have been involved in.  We remain committed to finding ways to engage with and support our local communities and have teamed up with other organizations to try to help those in need.

Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.