Gratitude for monthly pledge of Bobtail food

Sept 2020 Hounds & Hooves

Pleased to have ‘made’ it


The last quarter has been exceptionally tough for our Rescue Centre.  The lockdown was very hard on our staff, who had to ensure the wellbeing of our animals without the help of our regular volunteers.

The Cape has experienced one of its wettest winters in a long time, and while that is great for drought relief, it brought with it challenges of its own.  The storms blew roofs off our kennels and left them completely flooded.

We’re happy to report that we’ve ‘made’ it through, Lockdown has eased, and the extra help that we are now able to get from our volunteers is very welcome.

New Partnership

Our mission is very simple and it can be expressed in one word:- love.  Our work is our expression of our love for these animals and our ambition is to help them to transition from neglected to ‘loved’!

One organization who recognizes the beauty in what we are doing is the Do More Foundation.  They have reached out to us, and together with the Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust and RCL Foods, have pledge 240kg of Bobtail dog food to us each month.

We are so thankful to our new partners in helping to ease our burdens so that we can do what we do best; rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected horses and dogs.  Our first mission is to share our good fortune with the dogs that are living on the streets of Atlantis who are in desperate need of food.  The picture above features our team making up parcels of food for these poor dogs.

Wonderful Response

Our recent Social Media drive to find volunteers had a wonderful response.  Thanks so much for helping to get the word out.  We now have our handsful training up our new volunteers and unfortunately won’t be able to take on any more for now.

Our permanent team is very small and the day to day running of the Rescue Centre is very taxing on us.  So we really appreciate the help that has been offered but can only effectively manage a limited number.

We also have to be very mindful of the safety of the permanent residence on the farm and therefore have to insist that all visits to the farm are by appointment only.  We appreciate your understanding, thank you so much.

Change a life today


Our Partners

Success Story

Thanks to everyone who supported the on-line art auction we held in partnership with Everard Read and Associated Artists, the auction was a resounding success.
The timing could not have been better, with lockdown easing we are now perfectly placed to pick up on the Outreach Work we had started.Reaching out to our communities is an important aim of ours, thank you Everard Read for making this possible for us.

Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.