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July 2020 Hounds & Hooves

money can buy love.


Sponsorship, Alternative to Adoption
Dassenberg is a non-profit company, who receive no Government funding, that results in us relying heavily on donations and income from the public. Just to give you an idea, our dog food bill alone runs over R13 000 a month and then we have not counted in groomers, medical expenses or general maintenance.Our pro-life philosophy means that we attempt to give all our animals the best quality of life possible.  Sometimes it’s just not practical for people to adopt another animal.  In this case, it is possible to sponsor a specific dog or horse.Sponsors are welcome to visit animals as often as they would like to.  Dassenberg undertakes to communicate regularly with the Sponsors, keeping them informed of any newsworthy developments.

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Success Story

The day-to-day running of our Rescue Centre can be unpredictable to say the least.  Our founder, Mayanna is often called out at short notice to respond to a rescue situation or an animal in need.  At any one time, our Centre is home to more than 30 dogs and 30 horses, with that comes the inevitable Vet visits.

Dassenberg is enormously grateful to Sonja Mueller and her husband Karl-Heinz for donating a much-needed bakkie.

‘We would like to thank you for your generosity. The impact this will have on our ability to come to the rescue of other dogs and horses that are in desperate need is massive!’

Mayanna Muter


Thank you

Brian Johnson, Gemma Johnson, Phillip Schock, Sonja Mueller, Helena Mobius, Jayne Moir, M van Moerkoeken, J Karpes, Turbo Marine, Marcelle du Plessis, Cyrrielle Bonnard, Stickings Trust, Fanny Lacroix, G William, Michel Stutz, Debbie Katz, J Swanich, Julia Stallard, Cecelia Rosa, Tisha Powell, P Faasen, Kerstin Rockstroh, Mari Yanagawa, Silke, Friedrun Stuhlinger, Sally Henstock, Bryoni Wolf, Cecelia Rosa, Kirsty du Plooy, Jay Knibbs, Cindi Baard, Di Fraser, P Spencer, Joy, Audrey, Pets Elite, Cape Cement, Odysseus Western Cape Cape Town Motorcycle Club, Fons Humburger, Ulli Gruhn, Gaby Gruhn, Torsten Ohrnberger, Susanne Glatzel, Diane Heron, Holly Cosmos, Hugo Tickner, Anja Maritz, Rachel Buckland, Yvette Pool, Alene Roux, Brenda Houston, Gretha van Zyl, Grenville Liepner, Isobel Briers, Leana, Susy Thirion, Audrey Hugo, Schock Foundation, Xandra, Sporting Images, Penny Mallach, Yvonne, Yates Donation, Mitchell

Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.