Billy's Story

May 2020 Hounds & Hooves

The Grim Realities of Lockdown


Given that many of our rescue animals were surrendered when their owners could no longer afford to care for them, we are very concerned about the situation Lockdown has left many animals in.

Dassenberg Rescue Center began back in 2000 when we were lead to a group of horses that had been dumped and left to starve to death.  This is one of the grim realities of poverty.

Lockdown has had a massively negative economic impact on South Africa and we commend the many individuals that have rolled up their sleeves to try to assist those in desperate situations.

This is not an easy time to be asking for help, but the fact remains that we cannot continue to look after these vulnerable animals and respond to the plight of animals left suffering in our communities without your support.

Any help or contribution would be so gratefully received.


Pitbulls – The Misunderstood Breed

The day one of our volunteers, Grenville Leipner, came across a Pitbull called Billy who was to be surrendered to the SPCA, his eyes and heart were opened to the plight of these terribly misunderstood dogs.

Please click on the link to read Grenville’s heartfelt story of Billy.

Billy’s Story

Success Story

National was a broodmare who could no longer produce any more foals, as she was not wanted she was surrendered to us.

Anja Maritz is a volunteer at Dassenberg Rescue Centre and fell in love with National.  We are delighted that she has been able to offer her a loving home.


Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.