The plights of working dogs.

March 2020 Hounds & Hooves

The Plight Of The Working Dog


Dogs play a vital role in many aspects of our society, from guide dogs to trackers, farm dogs and (most relevant in South Africa) in security.

Ciska was a top sniffer dog for a private company.  She was so accomplished at her job that she trained new recruits.  Unfortunately, Ciska badly injured her front legs when jumping from a moving trailer.  There was no Workmen’s Compensation for Ciska and she was due to be put down when Dassenberg Rescue Centre stepped in.

In spite of the obvious pain Ciska endures, she continues to be gentle and friendly.  To turn her life around Ciska needs an operation which would cost around R30,000.

We were delighted when Dawn Jones of Animal Physical Rehab was able to fit the brace that has been prescribed for Ciska to give her some support.  Dawn shares our passion for the plight of working dogs and was happy to be of some service to an animal that has worked hard most of her life.

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Success Story

In November we reported that our kennels were full.  Many of our animals have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect and we will not re-home any animal until our rehabilitation work is complete.  Our work is not done until they are happy, trusting and ready to join a loving family. With horses, this can be even more difficult as a horse often needs to be backed and trained before anyone will take them on.

We are delighted that Isabel Shafer (a German Volunteer) has come out once again to work with our horses.

Isabel was able to join Abbey Collins’ efforts, Abbey has been training Shareefa over some time, and we are now delighted to say that Shareefa is riding nicely.

Shareefa is now ‘adoption ready’!


Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.