Launch of outreach project

Nov 2019 Hounds & Hooves

Key Focus Is Rehabilitation


Many of the dogs and horses that end up at Dassenberg Rescue Centre are in desperate need of rehabilitation.  Fanny Lacroix, is a kinesiologist, specializing in animal rehabilitation.  Fanny describes one of the defining moments of her career was work she did on Kalimar.

Kalimar had an infected molar which would not heal, even with strong antibiotics.  One of the symptoms of the infection was a very pussy left nostril.  ‘We had come to the conclusion that the only option left for Kalimar was surgery until Fanny came along.  Within a couple of weeks, the infection seemed to clear completely and has never recurred.’ Hugo Tickner

‘A big part of the work I did on Kalimar was dealing with past stress, seeing Kalimar’s full recovery confirmed how effective kinesiology is’ Fanny Lacroix

Underdog Project Workshop

The Underdog Project ran a workshop for pupils from Marian High in Clarkes Estate.  Clarkes Estate is badly affected by gang violence and the time at Dassenberg Farm was a welcome relief to these young women. ‘Thank you for giving us the chance to get out of that space and to enjoy a nice space’ Luyanda.  We have been on a drive to raise the R1,300 needed to transport the kids so that we can do this regularly as we believe the benefit to these kids is enormous….. and our dogs loved it too!

A big thank you to Michele Smith and Nina Slabber for making the journey from Hout Bay. To Casey Bruchhausen for helping with the Clicker Training.  To Fanny Lacroix and Kristel Havenga for introducing the kids to our horses. And to Sonja Mueller for contributing to the transport costs.


Change a life today

Another Successful Vintage Sale

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who donated to and supported our Vintage Sale.

The event would definitely not have been the same without the gorgeous combination of Highlands Country House and Groote Post Bubbly.

We really managed to achieve a very high standard with this sale, many thanks to Rails, Soul and Marc Cain who not only donated rails to us but also new clothing, which went down very well at the sale.

We raised R46,000 in spite of having to compete with the World Cup Rugby and look forward to another sale in the New Year!  A special thanks to Susan Fernandes who managed the payments and reconciliation.

Success Story

At Dassenberg Rescue Centre we are often called out to intercede in tricky situations.  When we got the call from a concern Atlantis resident that a small dog was being harassed by a pack of big dogs, this was no different.

Little Rain was due to go on heat and was attracting a lot of unwanted attention from a pack of big dogs.  Atlas, her mate, was doing a good job of fighting the other dogs off.

But when Mayanna arrived on the scene Atlas was also making it difficult for us to attend to her.  Veteran animal behaviourist that she is, Mayanna soon won Atlas’ trust… with the help of a few forgotten dog-treats she found in her pocket.

Rain and Atlas have now both been sterilized, vaccinated and treated for mange.  They have settled into Dassenberg Rescue Centre well and we are hopeful that they will find homes together.


Thank you

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