Crusade of Kindness

Sept 2019 Hounds & Hooves

Joining the crusade of kindness.


Dassenberg Rescue Centre will be partnering with The Underdog Project to bring its programme to the Area.  Using highly successful animal-assisted activities and therapeutic workshops, The Underdog Project teaches empathy to youngsters in our communities and brings joy to troubled dogs.

“We feel that our partnership with The Underdog Project will help us break the cycle of abuse in our area.  We are keen to reach out to the youngsters and to teach them that dogs have feelings too.  And the best part is that the dogs benefit too.  It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Change a life today


Vintage Sale – Saturday 2 November

“I am thrilled to hear that Dassenberg Rescue Centre is going to have another Vintage Sale.  I was lucky enough to make the first one and I was bowled over by the beautiful clothing that was on sale, at incredible prices!  It just works on so many levels.  It’s great that clothing is being recycled in this way.  It felt good to do something for the Rescue Dogs and Horses.  Plus I went home with an armful of gorgeous clothing!”  Angelique Dell Erba

We are hoping to build on the wonderful success of our Frock/Stock Exchange

and are introducing our Vintage Sale!

We’re collecting gently worn Second Hand Clothing for our Vintage Sale.

Please contact your Dassenberg Contact to arrange collection

or call Luci on 076 177 8409

Success Story

At Dassenberg Rescue Centre we celebrate our successful adoptions.  This means that we have done our job properly.  We have rescued and rehabilitated a dog in need, helping them to transition from desperate to hopeful.  And (as we can see in this picture of Coco) even beautiful.

Coco’s adoption story is a rather unique one. Alene Roux was fined 40 hours of Community Service for horse riding too close to Koeberg Power Station! “Being an animal lover, it was no real punishment have to walk dogs. But as I already have 4 dogs at home I really didn’t expect to fall for Coco. There was an instant bond between us and I knew I had to give her a home. Coco gets on so well with my other dogs and I love the fact that she’s so talkative!”