New looks, new focus

March 2019 Hounds & Hooves

From desperate to hopeful and even beautiful.


At Dassenberg Rescue Centre, we express our love in simple actions, rather than big words. When an animal first steps onto our farm, they move into a new life. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected horses and dogs.

New look, same vision.
Our long-time friends will notice that we’ve got a fresh, new look. We needed our brand – our visual story – to reflect what we’re really all about: down-to-earth, hopeful and single-minded in our mission to rescue horses and dogs from abuse. We love our new look, but rest assured it’s still the same Dassenberg, still the same heart. Our vision is simply in sharper focus.

Change a life today


Success Story

At Dassenberg we are looking for special people, Animal People. Susy Thirion is an example of just one of these sorts of people.
“I started volunteering at Dassenberg in 2010. At that time we adopted Rocky. Our little poodle, Zoe, has become best friends with Rocky and they love to run on the beach and play together. I wasn’t looking to adopt another dog but fell in love with DeeCee during the Dassenberg Sleepathon last year. It took a couple of months to get DeeCee properly settled but he is now part of our family!”

Sometimes, money can buy love.

You can lend a hand.