Benji is an enthusiastic and lively dog who is two years old. As a sterilized male, he is a great candidate for a family looking for a non-breeding companion. Benji is highly sociable and interacts beautifully with female dogs, making him an ideal playmate for furry friends. Although initially cautious around strangers, he warms up relatively quickly, showcasing his adaptable and trusting nature. Benji is well-versed in walking on a lead, making strolls enjoyable and manageable. His high energy levels and intelligence make him an engaging and entertaining companion, and his exceptional training and obedience skills are a testament to his quick learning abilities. Benji thrives in an active environment and requires a family that can provide him with regular exercise and mental stimulation. However, it’s important to note that Benji’s compatibility with cats is not favorable, as he does not get along well with them.

Gender: Male
Year of birth: 2021
Breed: Mixed Breed